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Dr Maarit Harden


Anxiety is a common presentation in General Practice.  It rears its head in many different guises and circumstances.  Anxiety is present in many consultations with a GP to some degree though not everyone has an anxiety disorder.

Cognitive behaviour therapy is a skill used by general practitioners, psychologists, counsellors, social workers, occupational therapists and psychiatrists to enable the patient to make sense of their symptoms and to have a way of dealing with negative emotions fears and behaviours.  Anxiety can present in others in the patientís network of family and friends and may impact on the stability of the family.  Cognitive behaviour therapy can provide life skills for increasing resilience and dealing with stressful circumstances and is a skill that is transferable to others in the patientís vicinity. When cognitive behaviour therapy is paired with Mindfulness training it becomes a powerful tool to tackle lifeís difficult circumstances.

Dr Maarit Harden has 15 years of counselling of patients and families utilising cognitive behaviour and mindfulness based approaches.  She is accredited by GPMHS to provide higher level mental health care for patients and has trained general practitioners in the use of these skills.

Initial appointments with Dr Maarit Harden are for 45 minutes or longer.

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