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Dr Scott Harden

clinical practice - medico legal experience - training

Clinical psychiatric services

Assessment and treatment of anyone over the age of 5 years. Dr Harden has a particular interest in ADHD (all age groups) and Anxiety problems. (Limited availability because of demand).

Psychiatric Clinical Opinion
The patient is referred for a single session by a GP, a letter is returned to the GP explaining the recommended future management. The referral must be specifically for this purpose. Dr Harden is fully equipped to provide video conference consultations, please contact reception for details.

Medico legal services
Usually referred by a legal practitioner, a government agency or some other individual for the assessment of a person for legal reasons.

Dr Harden has extensive training and practical experience in a range of legal areas and jurisdictions. In areas not detailed below he will consider whether he has appropriate expertise to provide an opinion when asked about more unusual cases e.g. Industrial Court.

Acceptance of legally aided cases is limited and subject to individual negotiation.

Family Court – Dr Harden has provided hundred’s of independent reports and appeared in court frequently.

Civil claims – Dr Harden has been trained in the psychiatric impairment rating scale and the Commonwealth AMA Guides based process and has provided numerous reports in this area of children, adolescents and adults.

Child protection matters – assessment of parental capacity.

Criminal cases – Dr Harden has provided reports for presentence, assessment of capacity and future management of adolescents and adults facing criminal charges.

Risk assessment with regard to sexual offences – Dr Harden has provided more than 100 reports under the “Dangerous Prisoner (Sex Offenders) Act” in Queensland with court testimony in most of these cases. Has also provided risk evaluation reports on other adults and adolescents with violent, sexual or other behaviour difficulties.

Dr Harden is able to provide training in a wide range of topic areas and has the ability to co-opt other trainers to enhance this. He has wide experience in public speaking in both professional and private contexts.

He has a particular interest in providing training in Asia and in child and adolescent forensic psychiatry.

He has convened numerous professional meetings and congresses.

Dr Harden's CV is available on request.

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